Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is with much despair that I have watched the candidates and their supporters that are Republican candidates for Congress. I can hardly believe that women not much younger than me, dependent for their income and medical care on Federal programs that were passed by Democratic presidents many years ago, are attending Tea Party demonstrations demanding that they want the government to "keep your hands off my Medicare" or "my Social Security". Are they on the same medication as Palin, Bachman and the new dingbat from Nevada Sue Lowden?

Where do the Republicans get these women? Michelle Bachman, from what I have always considered a state with reasonable citizens, is so wild eyed that I wonder what medication she is taking; from the wild and wooly state of Alaska we have a wannabee beauty contestant with such strange religious ideas that she had a witch doctor bless her when she ran for governor, and now Sue Lowden, Harry Reids Republican opponent, has said that we need to change our health care system to what it was when "our grandparents" bartered chickens for medical care. She said doctors are "kind and caring" people. How many chickens would you need to pay $167. which is the cost of an office call? I lived in Las Vegas for fourteen years and never met a doctor who would take anything but an insurance card in return for care. This woman works for a casino corporation....she doesnt't seem to have sense enough to count poker chips. I was a State delegate for Gary Hart before his fall from grace for being caught on camera with a woman with wom he was allegedly having an affair. The people who came to that caucus were reasonable people...Where are the smart women who were young in the sixties and seventies? The Gloria, political, and brave. Who with any intelligence would vote for one of these three Republican women I have mentioned. Will Sue Lowden actually win a Senate seat long held by Harry Reid? Harry Reid's pushing of the Health Care Reform bill may cost him his seat; it seems I left a state people by idiots to move to a state made up of even worse idiots. Barbara Boxer is one of those smart women from the seventies; concerned for her constituents in California, intelligent and courageous will she go down in this crazy election year? It is time that the Democrats stop "hiding behind the shower curtain" as Ed Rendell claims and get back their soul and end the careers of these mad women.

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