Friday, April 23, 2010


It was with disgust I watched another Republican nitwit woman: Governor Jan Brewer, sign the idiot legislation that will cost my state money and keep law enforcement busy looking for illegal Mexican immigrants instead of looking for criminals. The two are not synonamous. In my town in Southern Arizona there is a 40% Mexican population, most of whom were born here and their parents were born here. Some live in the same house that their grandparents were born in. Of course there are illegal immigrants among them; they would not count in the 40% statistic because they would not respond to a census. This area is dependent on Mexican workers, male and female for the planting, maintaining and harvesting of thousands of acres of farm land where most of the vegetables eaten anywhere in the U.S. in the winter months are grown and exported. Agriculture is the number one industry here; second is tourism: the arrival of more than 100,000 retired Americans to spend the winter in our warm winter climate. Mexican workers, clean their yards, prune their trees and clean their houses. This terrible legislation sponsored by the majority Republican Arizona Legislature and receiving not ONE Democratic vote is a disaster for my state. Winter conferences of corporate entities will not be scheduled here; Pro baseball teams will no longer schedule Spring Training here. After all, if they need to worry about their players being "profiled" and arrested they will not take that risk.How long before Manny Ramiriz of the Dodgers last before being pulled over in his sports car and arrested. He fits the profile. The Phoenix area, where the majority of the residents vote for Republicans will suffer most, for it is in their suburbs that the teams practice. If Jan Brewer only knew that she has just, in an effort to appease the right-wingnuts, shot herself in the foot today.


Hecate said...

There you are, a nitwit is about the size of it. When I saw her sign the bill it seemed to me she was angry and defiant. I am so sick of the sight of bitter Republicans from McCain to this governor they do no one any good, least of all themselves.

Hecate said...

By the way my friend, I was waiting to see if you blogged on this law. I too have some thoughts on it and will post soon. Sorry for the second post.