Monday, September 5, 2011

Another View of the White House

"The GOP that sabotaged Reagan into the White House with the October Surprise and got away with it, created the talk radio monopoly and impeached Clinton, stopped Clinton efforts at single payer, sold us Bush, got us into Iraq, Swiftboated Gore and Kerry and stole those elections while keeping Americans out of the streets is just getting better as the Left ignores the Right's best weapon and gives that same talk radio monopoly a free speech free ride to kick internet ass beat the crap out of another Dem president right under their noses. this is as good as it gets and the left's best chance right now is to work inside the Dem party, which is already set up.

There is NO organized opposition to the right's best weapon - Right wing talk radio- and until it does the Left collectively can not say it got or is getting their candidates or their Reps backs. a lot of individuals did a lot to get Obama's back but collectively the left is pitiful at it."

Comment posted to Truthdig by trank

This is pretty much where we stand in 2011, while the Left Dreamers promote the idea that a Socialist Bernie Sanders, or a thrice failed has-been Ralph Nader can overcome the galvanized Right candidate, whoever he or she may be, by splitting the ticket and running AGAIN an opposition candidate from the Left. I have shed the tears of defeat as too many losers tried this. The comment by trank is the position I take in the 2012 election. These same Left critics of Obama have sunk the chances of a Progressive 20th Century with their "dream candidates"...Over many years of being a liberal I have learned to forget the impossible and do the possible. Obama is the possible. Bill Daley needs to go....

In a blog titled "It's Past Time for Bill Daley to Step Down" blogger karoli shares a Fox video of Neil Cavuto interviewing the spokesman for the Chamber of Commerce Kennedy who alludes to the fact that he and Bill Daley have a close relationship.....Bill Daley works for the opposition! The rat named Rahm Emmanuel has left what he considers the sinking ship of the Obama Administration and retired to friendlier climes in Chicago.....taking Chicago style politics with him. With friends like Bill Daley, who needs enemies.


Will (Astra Navigo) said...

Something I keep saying - and I'll get back to it here - is this: Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

I voted for Obama - In the end, it was because he had some good ideas, and talked a great fight, rather than 'just to keep the Other Guy out of the White House'.

He's down to the tag-end of his third year. Unless he can prove he's got some courage, I'm not seeing many reasons to repeat my 2008 action.

The Dems are following his lead - and I'm afraid they're going to have to start getting their message out to the public, in very blunt language, if they want to succeed.

Let's hope....

Kittisplace said...

Will, I know it looks like he is caving...I am trusting he has a plan.Did you see his speech today in Detroit with the union leaders. Again, as I said when he opposed McCain....let's not vote for the crazies by NOT voting.