Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Michelle and Sarah: Together

Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin are campaigning together. These two who both are appealing to their "base" for support for Bachman's run to keep her seat in Congress in November. Who are her base? Her supporters? Her contributors? One liberal radio host has exposed one of her contributors as a man now being investigated in a Ponzi scheme..She tried to get rid of the dirty money by donating it to a faith based organization that returned it because of the source. She and Palin are two women who are "dumb like a fox", and their base are those who only watch Fox News. We ignore them or dismiss them as wingnuts at our own peril. Here is a clip from the radio host who exposes her long-time contributor:

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Hecate said...

If we are not going to ignore them, then we must call them what they are - they are racists, chiselers and frauds. As Ron Reagan said they are about 4 chicken mcnuggets short of a happy meal. This is certainly true with regard to a moral compass.