Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why do I post on Blogger?

The answer to my question is pretty simplistic, since I rarely have had anyone except Will comment on my posts I write and post here because Multiply where I get many good comments and have good interaction with other bloggers will not actually let me post directly to that site. Each time I blog and try to post there I get the same message: "javacsript/css not allowed". BUT, when I post a blog on Blogger I am able to import it into Multiply, and even though I get the same message, the blog is posted. Problem solved. As to the history of this problem, I have struggled with it for many months. There was a time when I first migrated here from 360 at the invitation of my 360 friends, when posting was a metaphorical slam-dunk. I have not recollection of when the problem began for me; I did nothing different, but my posts were routinely rejected. I tried posting directly to the site; I tried writing a blog on Wordpad and then using copy/paste; at the suggestion of a friend I first copy/pasted to Notepad, then to Multiply: same result. I had opened a Blogger account in 2007 but really hadn't posted much there, though I accessed blogs written by others, but one day I scrolled down to the bottom of the Multiply blog form and saw the "Import" option, and found that anything I posted to my Blogger site could be successfully imported into Multiply. As an aside to this: when 360 folded up its tents and stole off into the night, Yahoo migrated all of my account archives and profile into its "new" Yahoo Profile page; I had thought to delete that account, but I have used Yahoo email and my address there on so many other sites and applications that when I discovered that I could not delete Yahoo Profile without deleting every Yahoo application including email, I reinstated that account. So, now, my face and name appear on multiple sites and I think of the old homily "fools names and fools faces, are often seen in public places".


Kate said...

actually, though I don't often comment, I do prefer to read here.

heidi said...

hi like I said befor need to get use to this again--:)

Bee's Blog said...

Thank you so much for visiting my second blog page. So nice to see you.

I posted a note earlier this week threatening to shut down my page on Multiply - in fact shut down the whole of Multiply if I could! For the very reasons you have mentioned here. There followed a deluge of complaints from people having the same problem - if it wasn't for some very nice people on Multiply, I would move out!

Please come by again. I post more on Bee's Blog as Up Front and Serious didn't seem to go the way I would have liked. Ah, that's life!