Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My recent blog on the fact that those who most avidly supported Barack Obama during his campaign, cried in Grant Park, Chicago on election night, and flooded DC to be there for his inauguration, are nowhere to be seen as he struggles against the formidable odds financed by the Insurance industry and the obstructionist Republicans who shamelessly opppose anything he proposes, to pass legislation to help those millions without health care, without jobs and losing their unemployment benefits. Not only are they not there, they are themselves opposing his health care reform package. Bob Cesca discusses it on his blog BANTER WIRE:

"John Chait once again nails the progressive reaction to healthcare"

" "Without a doubt, Obama’s proposals would leave the health care system far short of what most progressives, myself included, would design in the absence of political constraints. But also without a doubt, it would lift the system far above the status quo that is the only near-term alternative. Here it is, the most dramatic improvement in social justice in at least four decades fighting for its life in the home stretch, and the left can barely be roused to fight for it. The somnolence is far from universal, but on the left there is at least as much passion against health care reform as for it." (from Don Chait blog on BALLON JUICE)

"I absolutely agree, of course. And I would only add that healthcare isn't the only thing that the progressive movement is failing to mobilize around. I've said it a million times, but it's worth repeating. We're being totally out-hustled by the wingnut right.

What or who the hell are we holding out for? By staying home and whining, do we honestly think the president is going to move leftward? Or do we honestly believe that by walking away from the president, a more liberal president will materialize from thin air in 2012 or 2016 or whenever? I don't get it. As strong as we were in 2006 and, to a certain degree, 2008, we're equally as weak and potentially ineffectual in 2010.

Taken alone, the subsidy language in the healthcare bill(s) is such a massive policy shift for America -- it's unapologetic liberalism in full view of a nation where the word "liberal" is still taboo. Say nothing of other provisions like Bernie Sanders' health clinics and the single-payer state language.

There's a long list of additional successes from the past year -- progressive successes. But I think many of us became so ensconced in the outrage, griping and protest during the Bush years that we think we're entitled to everything we want -- AND NOW."

Posted By Bob Cesca | March 9, 2010 8:09 AM

My comment on this blog is that the points made are reinforcing the views held in a recent blog decrying the opposition that the President is facing on the left of his own party. As one who leans to the left, I find the latest statements from Michael Moore and Dennis Kucinich without any defense. With friends like these who needs enemies?

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Hecate said...

What is wrong with a Democratic President moving "leftward?" My problem with this administration is that they seem to dislike liberals and the left as much as the right does. Therefore, I have a problem trusting them. Obama's bill will pass alright, it serves the insurance companies well enough. However, I won't be holding my breath for any improvements. I have spent 25 years in the health care delivery system. I have seen insurance companies slip out of federal regulations with the "easy freedom of an old acquaintance," as Twain said. There is no real competition in this bill to keep them honest. Because insurance companies travel around in pairs, chains and clusters like bacteria they will stand together defending their greed over our need. I believe that Obama put himself in this position. Those of us who are criticized now for being disloyal and having no passion for the fight, have felt the same way about the administration.