Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have posted a link to a recent blog by Astra Navigo (Will) that you might find illuminating. The
political climate in this country has declined into a heat wave of racist hatred, moved forward by
the Cable Media insisting on airing the fraudulent uproar at the so-called Town Halls that were the
hallmark of August. I for one am glad to see this month end, but the racism and hated remain. This
is reminiscent of the late sixties when Phyliss Schffley and the John Birch Society were carrying
the banner of hate into the mainstream. We did not have 24-hour news at that time, and thought
this movement died out in the seventies, it was revived in the eighties with the rise of Ronald
Reagan, and now these crazies have changed their costumes and are masquerading as "mainstream
citizens" as they raise havoc in political meetings, threaten the life of President Obama and inspire
murder. The militias are rising again; they never really went away but only retreated underground
until there was a target available for their hate filled rhetoric. I thought that the fifties, with
Eisenhower as an ineffectual President who looked the other way when Joe McCarthy and his
House Unamerican Activities Committee spewed dissent and hatred throughout the country and
there was a rise of paranoia, that this would destroy our Democracy, but cooler heads prevailed
and the election of JFK changed the atmosphere, but this is worse because 2nd Amendment nuts
are now armed with automatic weapons. Have any of you thought of how the Taliban took over
Afghanistan in the political vacuum that resulted from ten years of war with Russia, wherein they
enforced Sharia law on the population, and are now threatening to return to power? We are faced
with the same threat, only under the guise of "Fundamentalist Christianity".. Adherents to this
group want to return not to the Gospels of Christ, but to the stringent Judean laws of the Old
Testament. Take a look at the first chapters of this book and read the restrictions and
penalties.....this is what the Fundies are secretly promoting.......a Theocraticc goverrnemt is
repressive whether it is under the banner of Islam or Fundamentalist Christianity. Don't blame
Obama for your troubles...look to the source which begins in the fifties, and simmers for fifty
years, and now the sleeping monster is awake and roaring to define what we may do in our private
lives. The decline of education is the way to promote ignorance, and we are seeing the result of
this error now.

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